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Why Claimsxperts

There are numerous benefits using our medical billing services. By utilizing our services your staff will be free to concentrate on the health and well-being of the patients without the daily interruptions associated with medical bills and practices.

Major Benefits With Us

  • Enhance and accelerate your collections as much as 10 - 25%
  • Reduce your billing expenses up to 50%
  • Low cost risk-free billing services starts at 3.5% of the total collections or $2.99 per claim.
  • Clean and error-free claims submission; rapid turnaround times.
  • Industry most experienced professional staff.
  • Allow you and your office staff to spend more time with patients and less time with paperwork.
  • Fast demographics entry, same day billing and rapid payment postings.
  • We will provide your practice with the most advanced financial and practice analysis reports available in the industry today.
  • Reduce overhead and the problems associated with the turnover and hiring of qualified personnel.
  • Your collection processes never suffer from employee-related illness or vacation time.
  • Another important benefit using our services is that no one in your practice will be aware of the amount of revenue being generated so that your privacy is not compromised.

What We Do

  • Claims are scrubbed and submitted virtually error free!
  • Follow up on payment for insurance claims after 30 days.
  • Follow up and dispute insurance denials.
  • Review pricing and codes.
  • Identify areas where reimbursement can be increased.
  • Review payments from insurance companies and identify payment problems relative to individual insurance companies.
  • Answer patient calls regarding billing questions.
  • Answer and make insurance calls regarding claims and billing.
  • All procedures are cross-referenced to payment statements, to check for accuracy in payment. If there is a discrepancy, it will be followed up on.
  • Complete review of all open accounts quarterly(Monthly) to insure(Ensure) all outstanding monies are being collected.
  • Help answer any questions concerning billing, reimbursement, coverage, LMRP, pending legislation or anything pertaining to your type of practice.

Hipaa Compliance

We know the importance of your patience information security, to maintain that and protect your business we follow 100% HIPAA compliance. Our comprehensive security measures make sure that authorized users get the information they need to do their job, while protecting confidential documents from unauthorized access and release.

  • Ensure staff sees only the folders and documents they need to do their jobs.
  • Protect Social Security Numbers and other sensitive data with index-field-level security.
  • Log unauthorized access attempts, printing, e-mailing and other activities with audit trails.
  • Review pricing and codes.
  • Provide online access to remote staff with secure, Web-based interfaces.

Our Infrastructure

Our 100% HIPAA compliance processing center deploys a multi-site processing strategy for customers with significant scale and size needs to mitigate risk. Highlights of our comprehensively frame worked infrastructure include:

  • Independent Internet Leased Circuits from multiple ISPs are installed for data access and redundancy.
  • Built in IT redundancies for uninterrupted operation.
  • Networked capacity of over 100 seats.
  • 200% power back up.
  • Dedicated, fully equipped training infrastructure.
  • 24/7 security supported by state-of art access control system.
  • Fire alarm system.
  • 100% HIPAA compliance office environment.