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Frequently asked questions

Yes. The entire office exceeds HIPAA standards and the clients we do business with are compliant as well.
No, we does provide the same level of service throughout nationwide
We are capable of handling any medical specialty.
Internet Connection and high speed Duplex Scanner to scan super bills, EOBs and other required documents.
For most physicians we can up and running the process in 3 - 5 working days. However we can give the more accurate estimate after reviewing physicians practice and system.
No, unlike other billing companies, we do not charge any hidden or additional fee except the agreed percentage on collectables or per claim charges.
Percentage Package: 3.5 - 4.5% on total accounts receivables Per Claim Package: $2.99 per claim (Specialties and surgeons are excluded)
You scan the information into your computer system and we will work from here.
No. Our initial contract will be written for 3 months and extended automatically for every 3 months intervals. You can cancel the contract by giving 30 days advance written notice.
We are in IT business since 1999 and healthcare business since 2004(2006)
Scan your billing information using high-speed duplex scanner, which scans into your computer system then we will start working from there.
Our staff will E-mail or call your office to get the missing information.
Yes, Claims are submitted electronically to all insurance companies that accept electronic claims.
All electronic payments are deposited in doctors provides bank account; all checks and EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) will be sent to your office directly.
Yes, all denials are worked until they resolved unless they have a valid reason like deductible, no coverage, capitation, duplicate etc. we reprocess denials with additional information required. We follow up all claims remains unpaid.Yes. The entire office exceeds HIPAA standards and the clients we do business with are compliant as well.
Most industry experienced and knowledge staff. Cheaper billing services charges on the collected amount. Error Free claims submissions for quicker returns. Increase in the collectables by 10-25%. Quick turnaround times on all of services. Reduce data entry problems and accurate claims tracking.
In many cases, physicians compare the expenses for the billing service but not the error free billing and the quick returns. We will also increase the collections by 10-25% with compared to in-house billing collections.
Patients can call our specially trained service representatives at the number provided for any patient-billing questions.